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Project management / Proxy investor

Project Management Services include the organization and coordination of all activities related to the implementation of a given construction project. The scope of our support is tailored individually to each project, depending on customer needs and expectations, as well as the specifics of the project.

A sample range of Project Management services

  • agreement on scope of work with the Investor
  • technical consultancy
  • consulting / selecting project team, including industry designers
  • supervision of design work
  • organization of the tender process
  • conducting site visits with potential contractors before the receiving of offers
  • advice during the selection of contractors and suppliers
  • support during the preparation of cooperation agreements with contractors
  • negotiating the terms of cooperation
  • developing and monitoring investment schedule
  • organization of official formalities including the obtaining of relevant permits
  • preparation of investment budget
  • current quantitative and financial control over progress of construction
  • preparation of periodic reports for the Investor
  • updating of the project budget in line with introduced changes
  • final settlement of construction project, along with final financial report
  • bringing of contractors onto construction site
  • monitoring the implementation of all provisions of the contract by contractors
  • supervising the correct fulfillment of the investment and the quality of work
  • organization and coordination of on-site meetings
  • coordinating of cooperation between all entities involved in the implementation of the investment project
  • coordinating investor deliveries
  • management of design supervision by an architect
  • checking schedule and budget
  • monitoring execution compliance with the construction project and applicable standards
  • monitoring the approval of construction materials for use
  • monitoring compliance with health and safety regulations
  • organization of acceptance of works, including:
    • acceptance of concealed works and partial acceptances
    • final acceptance
    • acceptance of repaired flaws
    • participation in the final acceptances on the part of state agencies, namely the National Labour Inspectorate, Fire Brigade, Department of Sanitation, Environment Protection Inspection
  • obtaining an occupancy permit
  • reporting during the entire process of investment