CCTV – Coordination of the process of reconstruction of the CCTV and surveillance system

Investcover was responsible for organizing and supervising the process of rebuilding CCTV and monitoring center in the Buma Square office complex in Kraków, where the monitoring and supervision of the lessee’s safety and the persons present on the property takes place.

BUMA CCTV - Investcover

The project began with an analysis of the shortcomings and deficiencies of the existing system in order to ensure full monitoring coverage of the area in day and night mode. An on-site inspection was carried out together with the coordinator for security and maintenance of the building. We then organized a tender which involved testing several systems available on the market. Based on an analysis of the various offerings and tests the final design of the whole CCTV system was conceived.

The project encompassed the following:

  • Installation of more than 80 cameras inside and outside the building, in the parking lot and on the roofs of the office complex.
  • Comprehensive reconstruction of the monitoring center, fitting it with modern recording equipment and monitors, which allow for accurate tracking and logging throughout the property, with the possibility of reviewing history for up to two weeks.
  • Installation of a new fire panel with a central circuit breaker. After an inventory of SAP smoke detectors throughout the property, additional sensors were installed, bringing the building up to current required standards.
  • Installation of video intercoms with access control at all entrances to the building.

BUMA CCTV - Investcover