Extension of the of the company’s headquarters

As a Substitute Investor, INVESTCOVER was responsible for the management and supervision of the technical expansion project of the office building. Project challenges:

  • Demolition of existing buildings directly connected to the building, which was subsequently renovated
  • Construction of the facility between two existing buildings, as well as in a sharp border with the adjacent property
  • Strengthen the foundation by jet-grouting method
  • Berliner wall
  • Changing existing installations
  • Combine a new office building with two existing buildings in such a way as to eliminate the problem of existing level differences on different floors.

Area: 2,100 sqm

LOCATION: Ozarów Mazowiecki


  • Project management and coordination of all activities in the name and on behalf of the Investor.
  • Conducting tender processes for the selection of contractors and suppliers
  • Contract negotiations
  • Supervision of change process at the implementation stage
  • Agreement on budget and cost control
  • Current cooperation with contractors and investor
  • Inspector’s supervision of all works
  • coordination of investor deliveries
  • Organization of acceptance processes
  • Settlement of the project