Przebudowa powierzchni biurowej

The surface adapted was quite specific. There were different heights of the rooms, difficult access to shafts and building installations, which additionally posed challenges at the design stage and later during the construction work. In addition, at the implementation stage, it turned out that one of the walls planned for removal turned out to be structural and it was not possible to demolish it.

Thanks to the technical support from INVESTCOVER, it was possible to find the right design solution and meet the investor’s expectations.

AREA: 450 sqm



  • Coordination and technical supervision of a comprehensive reconstruction of office space in the existing BUMA SQUARE office building
  • Coordination of the design process with obtaining a reconstruction permit for the area in question
  • Coordination of tender processes for the selection of contractors and suppliers
  • Contract negotiations
  • Agreement on budget and cost control
  • Current cooperation with contractors, Investor and tenant
  • Investor supervision of all acceptance processes

Settlement of project