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EU Projects

INVESTCOVER has completed projects funded by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

Giving regard to the continuous development of the competencies of our team, we decided to join the program “People – the Best Investment” carried out with the support of EU funds from the European Social Fund.

Under the program, selected employees of Investcover took part in a series of professional training courses, the aim being to deepen their existing knowledge and the acquisition of new skills. On the one hand, this translates into the personal professional development of team members, and on the other, it enhances the project management experience for our customers.

A series of trainings completed between April and June of 2015 under the auspices of the Program “People – the Best Investment” aimed at strengthening the professional capacity of staff responsible for project management and equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for the effective execution of tasks.

The program included 96 hours of lectures and workshops on:

– British Prince 2 methodology used for effective project management,

– Principles of creating and managing schedules in MS Project,

– Practical aspects of Project Manager,

– The effective management of the project team.

One of the stages of the training program was a business simulation in which participants can apply the acquired knowledge in practice and final examination verify the level of knowledge and skills.

The project goal is to obtain international certificates of Prince2 methodology by INVESTCOVER team members, as well as deepening existing knowledge and gaining new competences: on the one hand reflected in the professional development of employees, and on the other facilitating better project management performance for our customers.

is a British method known and used by both international corporations and smaller firms around the world. This allows for effective project management, with particular emphasis on the business case of the project at every stage of its completion.

One of the key factors for the effective implementation of pro-ecological solutions is the level of knowledge and skills of employees participating in the projects. For this reason, we always nurture their development in this area, which inspired us to participate in the project “Green light for SMEs’, co-financed by the European Union under the auspices of the European Social Fund.

The project consisted of two parts – including a substantive analysis of large databases in the context of the provision of ecological services and consulting designed to increase knowledge in the field of ecological implementations among employees and executives of the company. On the basis of a specialized questionnaire, an analysis was carried out on eco-competence together with an evaluation of the potential of companies in the context of the further development of ecological activities.

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