CSR policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the organisation’s responsibility for its impact on society (2011 Def. European Commission) 

It is an initiative thanks to which the company considers social interest and environmental sustainability by establishing relations with employees, customers, owners, investors, suppliers, competitors and the local community. 

Pillars of our policy: 

  1. Safety 
  1. Environment 
  1. Customers 
  1. Employees 
  1. Local community  


Safety (Bezpieczeństwo)providing our customers with a sense of security and taking care of their interests during complex construction or reconstruction processes is the main goal of our activities. We ensure the best substantive support at every stage of the investment. We take care of health and safety at work. 

Environment (Środowisko)we implement environmentally friendly technologies in all areas of our business with full care for sustainable raw material management, water efficiency and waste segregation 

Customer (Klient)the idea of partnership is very close to us, we care about trust with our partners to be mutual, the agreements concluded are transparent and clear to each side. We increase satisfaction by improving quality, coming out with new ideas to improve our communication, expanding offers as expected, acting ethically in relations with everyone, we do not accept actions consisting in promising, proposing, handing out, requesting the acceptance directly and indirectly of any undue material benefit to us or any other person. 

 Employees (Pracownik) – we respect our employees, that’s why we build a friendly workplace because employees are the greatest value of our company. We implement high standards of hiring employees, invest in the development of employees, have a proactive policy ensuring the supply of qualified staff, take care of the safety of employees, provide flexible forms of employment, internships for students and graduates. 

Local community (Społeczność lokalna) – cooperation with foundations and associations for those in need is extremely close to us. We support local entrepreneurs, invest in the economic development of the region, support for volunteering is an integral part of our activities.