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Construction Management – Construction Management through Work Packaging

Bearing in mind the expectations of our Clients, we carry out projects in the Project Management formula with the participation of one General Contractor, as well as in the Construction Management system, where the entire investment process is divided into work packages carried out by specialist contractors mutually correlated and related, which must be properly coordinated.
Example of the scope of support from the Investcover Team within the Construction Management services:

  • Preparation of the investment process
  • agreeing on the scope of work with the Investor
  • technical consultancy
  • consultancy / selection of designers team, including installation designers
  • supervision over design works
  • organization of tender process
  • carrying out site visits with potential contractors before collecting bids
  • consultancy in the selection of contractors and suppliers
  • support in the preparation of cooperation agreements with contractors
  • negotiating the terms of cooperation
  • development and control of the investment schedule
  • completing the official formalities, including obtaining of appropriate permits
  • preparation of the investment budget
  • current monitoring of the quantitative and financial advancement of construction
  • preparing periodical reports for the Investor
  • updating the investment budget in accordance with the changes in the project
  • final settlement of construction works together with final financial report
  • bringing contractors to the construction site
  • implementation control of all of the provisions of the contract by the contractors
  • supervision over the proper implementation of the investment and the quality of work
  • organizing and conducting coordination meetings on the construction site
  • coordination of cooperation of all entities involved in the project investment
  • coordination of investor deliveries
  • coordination of project architect’s supervision
  • control of the schedule and budget
  • Compliance monitoring activities with the building permit design and applicable standards
  • Authorization monitoring of used construction materials
  • Compliance monitoring with health and safety regulations
  • Organization of works acceptance processes including:
  • acceptance of covered works and partial acceptance of works
  • final acceptance
  • acceptance of defective works
  • participation in final acceptance carried out by public authorities, i.e. The National Labour Inspectorate, Fire Brigade, Sanitary-Epidemiological Station, Environmental Protection Inspectorate
  • obtaining an occupancy permit
  • reporting on course of works of the entire investment process