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Modernization of technical shafts in office complex – BUMA SQUARE

BUMA szachty techniczne - Investcover
Technical shafts, or vertical channels made in the construction of a building for distributing of installations inside the building, demanded a great deal of repair work and modernization in order to improve quality and safety during its use, and during maintenance work. Investcover oversaw the entire project – beginning with an inventory at the early stage in order to determine the scope of work to be carried out. Following this, we defined the budget and schedule, the organization of the te...
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CCTV – Coordination of the process of reconstruction of the CCTV and surveillance system

BUMA CCTV - Investcover
Investcover was responsible for organizing and supervising the process of rebuilding CCTV and monitoring center in the Buma Square office complex in Kraków, where the monitoring and supervision of the lessee’s safety and the persons present on the property takes place. The project began with an analysis of the shortcomings and deficiencies of the existing system in order to ensure full monitoring coverage of the area in day and night mode. An on-site inspection was carried out together with t...
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Reconstruction of water supply and sewerage and electrical systems in the office complex – BUMA SQUARE

Coordination of the process of the reconstruction of networks and installations on the property, along with a combination of new water supply system of the existing water supply systems running in the adjacent streets. Responsibilities: the selection of designers and contractors, coordination and construction supervision work, and cooperation with the local administration and media/utilities providers. The project will involve the reconstruction of the existing network of water and sewera...
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